The Moor 2016


A limited number of parking spaces are reserved on top of the hill for Blue Badge holders. Entry will be gained at the top gate at a charge of £20 per car on the Friday and £15 Per car on the Saturday.



Entry will be charged at £5.00 per person. Retired residents and under 16’s will be admitted to the Moor free of charge.



CARS - Entry fee per car will be £20.00 on the Friday and £15.00 on the Satuardy . This charge will include all passengers in the vehicle and applies to all parking areas.

BUSES, MINI-BUSES and VANS – For vehicles carrying more than five passengers, the entry charge will be £5.00 per day for each person eligible to pay. It will not be necessary for passengers to alight from the vehicle to pass through the turnstile. To assist the flow of traffic, it is requested that the correct money be ready to give to the Gatemen at the car park entrances.

HORSE BOXES - Attention is drawn to the fact that all Horse Boxes, trailers, etc. must pay £20.00 on the Friday and £15.00 on the Saturday on entry to the Moor.

- Vehicles over 2.15 m. (7 feet) in height will not be allowed access to the centre of course.
- Please assist by not parking indiscriminately and all access roads must be kept clear.
- All vehicles are parked at owner’s risk. Overnight parking is strongly discouraged.


No lead reins will be permitted at the Ceremonial Rides, i.e. The Chases, Riding of the Common on the Friday and Saturday or on the Racecourse.



The Committee would appreciate the co-operation of the public attending the Moor in noting:
* No barbecues will be permitted for safety reasons.
* No large temporary covered areas which cause congestion and reduce parking areas will be tolerated. Gazebos will be permitted as long as common sense prevails but should neither be erected nor space reserved for same before Friday.
* No private tents will be permitted on the reserved parking area at the top of the hill.
* All dogs must be kept on leads and their waste uplifted.
* All patrons should take their litter home or use the bins provided.


Under no circumstances, will free admission be granted to the Moor. Any person contesting that admission should not have been charged may seek reimbursement from us, on cause shown and bearing proof of payment, within 14 days from 11th June 2016.

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